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Visiting Arablab 2021 in Dubai

13 May 2022

Livam enjoyed participation in ArabLAB 2021 held this November in Dubai World Trade Centre. It is an annual exhibition dedicated to the Analytical Industry and showcases lab and instrumental equipment from manufacturers from all over the world. Leading business figures from about 30 countries like Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Iraq, UAE, Pakistan, Jordan, Morocco, Tanzania, Oman, Israel, Yemen, South Africa, Palestine, Tunisia, Bahrain, Algeria and Nigeria visited our booth despite the tight business agenda of the event.

Even protective masks having accompanied us within the previous years could not prevent us from recognizing our long-term partners among the visitors and getting acquainted with new companies. Hopefully, these new leads will have turned to our reliable distributors by the next Expo.

During the three-day exhibition we had a chance not to only represent our water distillers and water purification systems to lab professionals, but also enjoy communication with people of different mentality, learn more about their national traditions and garments being really amazing. Besides, on the last day of the event we held a raffle of Livam water stills. The lucky winners took home the AE-4 water distiller and AE-4/8 water distiller with internal reservoir so that their customers could see the distillers in operation prior to buying.

During the exhibition many visitors wanted to buy our BE-4 double distillation water still directly from the booth. Some of our new contacts resulted in long-term cooperation agreements on our return.

It is noteworthy that not only laboratory equipment suppliers were interested in Livam systems for professional water purification. Specialists from the related areas, general trade companies, suppliers to hospitals, dental clinics, and even industrial enterprises consider Livam small capacity and heavy duty water distillers as well as distilled water storage tanks a new niche for their business.

Visiting the exhibition is a great opportunity to see the equipment offline, understand how it works and consider all the advantages of the water purification process by means of evaporation without any filters.