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One of the Best Water Distillers in the World. Unique UPVA Series Water Distillers

8 Aug 2022

Water distillers are widely used all over the world due to their simplicity, reliability and unpretentiousness. It is known that the process of distillation enables to obtain Type III distilled water. A water distiller does a good job as boiling ensures water demineralization, degassing (removal of gases dissolved in water), kills microorganisms and bacteria.

And what if a lab or a company needs Grade II water, but it cannot afford a reverse osmosis system or wants to avoid a challenging and constant monitoring of resins stock availability and condition? We know the way out!

Like all water treatment systems, water distillers are pretty sensitive to the quality of incoming tap water, as high content of mechanical impurities, calcium and salts in source water can cause clogging of a condensation chamber or fouling of an evaporation chamber with scale, which is difficult to cope with.

In 2006 our engineers noticed an increase in number of complaints for the quality of tap water. As a result, distillers had to be cleaned much more often than usually, while quality of the resulting distilled water was impacted.

To solve this issue, we have developed a special pre-treatment system enabling not to depend on the quality of tap water during distillate obtaining. Since then, the situation has improved dramatically: maintenance interval, service life of the equipment, and quality of distilled water have increased.

But we moved beyond and developed an automatic system for distillate obtaining which combines 3 stages of purification: filtration, reverse osmosis and distillation in one frame. The system’s all-in-one design made its spacing and mounting in laboratories or offices much easier. The use of multi-stage purification made it possible to achieve impressive parameters of purified water produced with a distiller. Its electrical conductivity does not exceed 0.8 - 1.0 µS/cm, which corresponds to Type II water.

This system turned out to be very popular due to the combined advantages of distillation and filtration. They perfectly complement each other in our new UPVA water distiller: pre-filtration removes mechanical impurities and salts from water, and distillation removes bacteria, microorganisms and gases dissolved in water.

Livam new UPVA water distillers produce from 5 to 25 liters per hour of high-quality Type II purified water without use of special resins. The distiller itself serves much longer, since all contaminants and impurities contained in water remain in pre-filters being installed in the same housing with a distiller.

The system operates in an automatic mode guided with signals from sensors installed inside the housing covering the water distiller and filters. The housings of UPVA-15 and UPVA-25 water distillers have an open-type design to make access to the water distiller and pre-filters as easy as possible. Such arrangement has proven to be effective as it enables not to remove the outer panels every time to check the distiller and replace the filters.

The pre-filtration system works at universal filters, which can be found in any region. Besides, all spare filters are already included into a supply kit, so that you do not have to waste time for their searching and buying.

Thanks to this approach the popularity of our UPVA water distillers around the world is constantly growing. Thousands of units are turning tap water to Grade II purified water in Iraq, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Peru, Mongolia, Portugal, Russia, etc.