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АE-5 water distiller is a marketable equipment at affordable price. AE series water distillers have been recently equipped with two separate water supply circuits. Now tap water can be used for distillation, and recycling water from the user’s recycling system can be used for cooling. It helps to save water a lot. It is another advantage of Livam equipment if compared to competitors.
UPVA-5 reagent grade water generation systems made by Livam are used for Type II water obtaining. The equipment is purchased by our Customers very often and is used in hospitals and laboratories. Once, we faced a problem of the system sudden shutdown with a low pressure sensor triggered. Thanks to a quick response of Livam service team, we found out that source water pressure in the User’s water supply system was below 1 bar. Since booster pump has been installed, the equipment is working consistently. We have no complaints about the quality and performance. The equipment is CE certified.
We purchased the Livam AE-10 water distiller with a cooler in 2019. The equipment enables to receive 10 l/h of distilled water from tap water with no need of pre-treatment. Water quality complies with the quality claimed by the manufacturer. Easy and low-cost maintenance: disassembling process is easy even for female laboratory technicians, flushing with citric acid according to schedule. We are pleased with coordinated work of Livam’s distributor and fast delivery.
We have been using the water distiller for three years at a plant. No complaints about work. We installed it by ourselves. Livam engineers promptly answered all our questions during the installation process, checked the connections using photos and video sent by us. We have chosen Livam products for several reasons. Firstly, attractive price with the widest range of equipment, secondly, the quality of water obtained is higher than that of analogues, thirdly, the choice of water distillers of such high capacity is limited, and capacity of Livam equipment is from 2 to 210 l/h.

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