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How to pay for distillers and water purification systems?
Advance payment by bank transfer is a preferable way of payment.
What are the delivery terms and conditions?
Delivery of distillers and water purification systems is possible on various terms and conditions. CPT terms and conditions (Incoterms 2010) are preferred.
In what package is water purification equipment supplied?
Distillers, double distillation water stills and water purification systems are mainly supplied in corrugated cardboard boxes with a protective layer of foamed polyethylene. Oversized water stills, deionizers, type I and II water generation systems and purified water storage tanks are delivered in wood cases.
Can I purchase water purification equipment and distillers directly from you?
You can buy any quantity of water distillers, deionizers, water purification systems, injection water thermal tanks and purified water storage tanks both from our dealers and directly from us. Livam cooperates with legal entities of various legal forms.
How to order a water still?
To order a water still, water purification system, injection water thermal tank or purified water storage tank, please, e-mail us, call us or fill out a feedback form on our website. Our managers will make a quotation for you.
What is the difference between water distillers with one and two water supply circuits?
When buying a water still with two water supply circuits, please, note special features of its installation. Water distillers with two water supply circuits unlike regular water stills have two water inlets.One inlet is for water being evaporated, the second one is for cooling water. Potable water can be connected for evaporation and recycling water - for cooling. Such connection pattern is more convenient for companies having water pretreatment system and/or industrial cooling system. Water resources are saved due to two water supply circuits, because water for cooling is not wasted.
How often should water distillers maintenance be performed?
Water distillers are subject to daily maintenance and periodic maintenance. Daily maintenance shall include removal of dust, impurities from the surface of assembly units and parts and checking the water distiller’s grounding by means of external inspection. Periodic maintenance includes cleaning of the water distiller parts from pollutions mechanically or otherwise without destroying their surface, and checking for grounding. It is necessary to monitor the state of the level sensor rod, condenser, connecting tubes and fittings of the distiller, carry out their cleaning or replacement, avoiding reduction of their inner diameter. Frequency of periodic maintenance is set by the user depending on the water distiller intensity of use and quality of incoming water, but not less than every 160 hours of the water distiller operation.
What is a double distillation water still? What is the difference between a double distillation water still and a water distiller?
A double distillation water still is a laboratory equipment designed for production of ultra pure reagent grade (type II) water by means of double water distillation without use of filters, reverse osmosis membranes, deionizers. The main difference between double distillation water still and water distiller is that it has two stages of distillation.
What is a water distiller and what is it used for?
A water distiller is a device for water purification by means of distillation, that is water heating to boiling with subsequent cooling and condensation of its steam. Water distillers are used in different laboratories and medical institutions.
What are advantages and disadvantages of water distillers with various heating elements? What is the difference between tubular heating elements and electrodes?
Tubular heating elements installed in water distillers are used for water heating and boiling. Heat is generated when electric current passes through a heater coil, which has considerable resistance. The role of such coil in water distillers with electrodes installed as heating elements is fulfilled by water in the evaporation chamber. Electric current passes through the water between the two electrodes and causes its heating. As a result, the advantage of a water distiller equipped with a tubular heating element is its ability to work on source water of any quality. Salinity of water is very important for electrode water distiller. If water is too “clean” and soft product water output will be too low. To enable its work water shall be salted (by means of regular table salt in most cases) to increase its electrical conductivity. Overheating is not good for tubular electric heaters and can cause their burnout. They shall bу cleaned from scale. Electrode water distillers require more powerful cables and circuit breakers, however, electrodes are more reliable than tubular heating elements and do not breakdown because of overheating.
How to become a dealer of Livam?
Please, contact us by e-mail, phone or send us inquiry now.
Can I become an exclusive distributor of Livam in my country?
Yes, you can, if there is no Livam distributor in your country yet. Big countries may have more than one distributor.
May I have a demonstration unit at a special price?
Yes, you can purchase a demo unit at a discounted price.
What kind of manufacturer’s support can I get?
We provide detailed installation and maintenance instructions for Livam water distillers, as well as marketing materials. Our engineers will consult you on any technical issues. Besides, we arrange training of Livam products distributors at the plant.