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Expanding geography…

3 May 2022

The demand for Livam professional water purification equipment has increased significantly within the last 3 years when we managed to arrange regular supplies to more than 40 countries. Sometimes we are even envious of our water stills, as they go to Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Vietnam and Malaysia more often than us.

In January 2022 two Livam ADE-50 water distillers and C-180 storage tanks “travelled” to Malawi being an exotic country for an average European. Now we have one more thread connecting us with Africa... Let's see how it was.

Each water still with capacity of 50 l/h and each external reservoir for distilled water storage with volume of 180 l has been installed in a Malawian hospital to operate as an entire system for water distillation and collection. Obtained distillate is now used for the hospital autoclave feeding. Our new friends from Malawi say that the quality of obtained distillate is even better than declared. Conductivity of 2.6 uS/cm is a good result.

The robust water purification system based on the physical process of distillation, unlike reverse-osmosis systems, requires no filters and ion-exchange resins and has an extremely simple design enabling easy maintenance. The only thing the users have to do is to monitor condition of electric heaters, being the only consumables of the distiller, and inner walls to prevent from scale formation.

Regular cleaning of all Livam equipment for single or double distillation with hot citric acid solution is crucial for its long lifespan. Each user sets frequency of cleaning individually depending on the source water quality and frequency of use, but at least every 160 hours of operation.

We are pleased that Livam heavy duty water distillers of ADE and DE Series relieve our customers of many problems and help to obtain distilled water even in remote settlements. Livam team is always ready to assist with installation, adjustment and cleaning of the machines and answer any questions you might have in an online format.