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Application in Industry, Nuclear Energetics and High Tech

27 Mar 2020

Distillers and double distillation water stills are used in all fields of heavy and light engineering: aviation and shipbuilding yards, mining, chemical, petrochemical enterprises, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy factories, processing plants, food industry enterprises, light and electronic industry enterprises, printing industry, electric power industry, fuel industry, jewelry production, cosmetics and perfumery production. The equipment is applied to get distillate for solutions and technological fluids of a given concentration being used in manufacturing processes, for cooling of units and mechanisms, as working fluid for industrial machines feeding, for equipment and high-precision devices flushing, laboratory tests and experiments in production laboratories.

Water distillers and distilled water storage tanks are actively used in nuclear energy and high tech. Water distillation is a unique process. The main difference between distillation and other known methods of water purification (filtration and reverse osmosis) is separation (evaporation) of clean water from pollutants during the distillation process, rather than removal of polluting components from water, as in case of filtration. Water obtained by this purification method is widely used in many fields, especially in nuclear energy, high technology and microelectronics.

For example, purified water is widely used in power plants for post-installation flushing, mainly in reactor compartments. Distillate feeding system is one of the top-priority technological systems, which are involved in technical processes at nuclear power plants.