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Application in a Scientific Laboratory

27 Mar 2020

Water distillers, double distillation water stills and UPVA systems are widely used in scientific laboratories, as electrical conductivity of obtained water is up to 0.05 μS/cm, which is good for scientific projects. Distilled water is inert, i.e. after distillation there are almost no gases in it, except hydrogen and oxygen. Moreover, distillation kills most organic matters and removes minerals from water, making it ideal for research projects and laboratory tests.

Application of our distillers in scientific projects ensures that test results are as accurate as possible and nothing affects test results and scientific projects implementation. Distilled water does not distort test results.

Distilled water, being clean and containing no foreign mechanical impurities, can be superheated above the boiling point or supercooled below the freezing point without a phase transition. The phase transition occurs intensively in case of mechanical impurities introduction or shaking.

Distilled water is mainly used in chemical, physical and biological laboratories as the basis for solutions preparation, analyzes, tests, as well as for technical purposes: laboratory equipment feeding, laboratory glassware rinsing after tests, etc.