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AE-10 Water distiller

AE-10 Water distiller
AE-10 Water distiller
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AE-10 Water distiller
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Assignment - distilled water production;
Capacity, l/h - 10;
Electrical conductivity of product water - 2.0-2.5 µs/cm;
Quality of product water - Type III;
All specifications

Special features

- Nodes and parts being in contact with steam and distilled water are made of AISI 321 stainless steel and other materials which do not affect the quality of product water.

- Low electricity and water supply.

- Level of water in the distiller fed for evaporation is maintained automatically.

- Possibility of obtaining distillate with a temperature from 25 to 40 °C by means of a distillate cooler. The distillate cooler is purchased separately.

- Source water supply tube and distillate drain tube are included into the kit.

- Heating elements switch off automatically if centralized water supply disrupts and water level in the evaporation chamber drops below the allowable level.

- Wall mounting is possible. Wall bracket is purchased separately.

- Water for cooling and evaporation can be supplied separately from two different sources. Electrical conductivity of water fed to the evaporation chamber should be more than 2 μS/cm. Otherwise, water heating can fail to start.


distilled water production
Capacity, l/h
Electrical conductivity of product water
2.0-2.5 µs/cm
Quality of product water
Type III
Product water temperature, °С
from 70 to 85
Current type, frequency, voltage
three-phase AC, 50 Hz, 380 V
Power consumption
7,2 kVA
Source water consumption, l/h (at water t from 10 to 12 °С at pressure from 0.2 to 0.4 MPa)
Source water pressure, MPa
0.1 – 0.4
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm
Type of mounting
- Desktop mounting with adjustable legs; - Wall mounting (wall bracket is purchased separately)
Weight with control unit, kg
Warranty period, months from the date of sale
Heating elements
Tubular heating element 2.4 kW 220V (stainless steel) - 3 pc.
Factor of water purification from radionuclides, min
Dimensions of control unit (LxWxH), mm
Service life, years
8 years min
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AE-10 Water distiller